arpara Gaming Kit


arpara Gaming Kit

Game Your Way in 5K Fidelity


Both arpara Tethered 5K and arpara Tracker in this kit have been awarded Red Dots

双Micro-OLED屏幕 Dual Micro-OLED 5K

3514PPI 32PPD 3514PPI 32PPD

95°视场角 95°FoV

6DoF 6DoF

高达90Hz Up to 90Hz


arpara Tethered 5K + arpara Tracker + arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable (3.5m) + arpara Type-C Cable (3.5m)
+ arpara Elite Mask + arpara Elite Strap (arpara Halo) = arpara Gaming Kit.
Compatible with common positioning devices on the market, arpara Gaming Kit aims to take the gaming experience
to a new level with 5K clarity, true-to-life precision room-scale 6DoF tracking, and ultimate comfort. Game what you feel.

Silky Smooth Gaming with 5K

Get ready to shout “WOW” when gaming with the brilliant 5K clarity and stunning details the way the creators intended.
No more straining to look through binocular and ghost effects with 95°FOV and up to 90Hz refresh rate.
With arpara, VR game enemies who lurk at the corner of your vision can no longer escape.

*In the Gaming Kit, the headset achieves 4K Resolution at 90Hz refresh rate. Once using the headset alone, the highest refresh rate is up to 120Hz.

Unparalleled Visuals

Micro-OLED display
5120*2560 resolution
Without backlight

Field of View


Vivid Color Details

DCI-P3 90%
Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1

High Image Quality

3514 PPI
32 PPD


1μs response time
Up to 90Hz refresh rate

Battle in Ultimate Comfort

Pair arpara Tracker ( around 120g) easily with arpara VR headset to
upgrade your VR gaming experience to another 6DoF level. Adjustable comfort and ergonomic design
prevent pain, dizziness, and discomfort in long sessions of entertaining or hardcore gaming.

Weight less than 320g

50% lighter than most VR
headsets on the market

Eye Comfort

Adjustable IPD 56-72mm
Adjustable 1D ~ -5D diopter
Low Blue-light Certification

Head Comfort

Unique 15°upward sloping
arpara Elite Mask

Adjustable & Detachable Elite Strap

arpara Elite Strap

Highly Compatible, Super Precise Tracking

Our spatial tracking kit is compatible with common SteamVR positioning devices on the market, such as Base
Stations and Controllers of HTC VIVE 1.0 / 2.0 (Recommend), and Valve Index. Get immersed in mind-blowing
VR games with precise 6DoF tracking through laptop or PC.


What's in the Box?

  • arpara VR headset

  • arpara Tracker

  • arpara DP1.4 Cable (3.5m)

  • arpara Type-C Cable (3.5m)

  • arpara Elite Mask

  • arpara Elite Strap

  • User Manual