arpara Gaming Kit


Box Components

  • What products are included in the arpara Gaming Kit?
    The arpara Gaming Kit comes with an arpara VR headset, an arpara Tracker, an arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable (3.5m), and an arpara Type-C Cable (3.5m).
  • Does the arpara Gaming Kit support SteamVR?
    Yes, as a PCVR gaming Kit, you can enjoy SteamVR games by using the Gaming Kit together with Vive Base Stations and the controllers of the Vive or Valve Index.
  • Can I play games in the Oculus Store with the arpara Gaming Kit?
    No, but SteamVR games are supported.
  • Is the arpara Gaming Kit compatible with Quest controllers?
    No, the arpara Gaming Kit is not compatible with Quest controllers, but it is compatible with the Valve Index Knuckles or Vive controllers.
  • What is the Micro USB port on arpara VR headset designed for?
    The Micro USB port on the arpara VR Headset can be used to connect the arpara Tracker for 6DoF tracking and VR gaming.
  • What is the arpara Tracker?
    The arpara Tracker is a tracker specially developed for the arpara VR Headset. By installing the arpara Tracker on the arpara Tethered 5K (3DoF), and using it together with corresponding base stations, precise 6DoF tracking is possible.
  • What data interfaces does the arpara Tracker have?
    arpara Tracker has a built-in Type-C port, which is connected to the arpara Tethered 5K via a USB-C to Micro USB cable.
  • On what wireless channel does the arpara Tracker run?
    The arpara Tracker runs on 2.4 GHz, so WiFi signals on the same channel should be avoided.
  • What will the arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable be used for?
    If your computer does not have a Type-C port for video output, you may connect your graphics cards via an arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable for high-definition video output.
  • What are the specifications of the arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable?
    The arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable has three types of interfaces, one DP1.4 port, and two USB-A ports.
  • What is the maximum resolution for video output that the arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable supports?
    It supports a maximum resolution of 5088*2544 at 70 Hz.
  • Why is the Type-C end of the arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable so robust?
    The arpara DisplayPort 1.4 Cable adopts an L-shaped port, which prevents the Type-C port from being damaged by bending and stretching, thus improving its durability.