arpara VR 一体机

5K VR All-In-One

arpara VR Qualcomm XR2 platform

Qualcomm XR2 platform

Mind-boggling visuals

4x video bandwidth. 6x screen resolution capability. 8K video. 11x AI processing

Wi-Fi 6

arpara Luxurious visual feast

Luxurious visual feast

color gamut127%sRGB

contrast ratio1000000:1

total resolution5K


refresh rate90HZ

arpara Superior IMAX 3D movie experience

Superior IMAX 3D movie experience

3000+ inch massive retina display. You are seated at the center. Experience movies like never before

arpara 游戏串流

Wireless streaming

Play AAA hardcore games

arpara VR AIO supports both wireless and tethered streaming. Play games on Steam

Supports Vive Port VR games download. Play the latest VR games


arpara 游戏 HALF-LIFE: ALYX


arpara 游戏 SUPERHOT VR


arpara 游戏 VRobot
arpara 一体机 说明

Product overview

Volume control

Air vent

Face cushion


3.5mm headphone jack

Lens distance knob


Proximity sensor

diopter dial






Welcome to arparaland planet

arparaland is the social metaverse built into the arpara VR AIO

Fully customize your avatar and your personal space. You can choose among thousands of facial features, body types, clothing and accessories. Build a brand new identity for your new role in the metaverse. Go onto trips in the virtual world

You will own a piece of land in arparaland. Build anything you want on your land and give it a purpose. How about constructing a movie theater?

Invite your friends to your personal movie theater. Grab some popcorn and talk about the latest gossips. You can even run a virtual conference or concert, or host a VR broadcast. Play murder mystery games and other tabletop games

arparaland 场景1 arparaland 场景2 arparaland 场景3 arparaland 场景4 arparaland 场景5 arparaland 场景6