arpara AIO 5K

As the world's first all-in-one VR device equipped with dual Micro-OLED displays and powered by Pancake, the arpara AIO 5K integrates key features, such as greater pixel per inch (PPI), 32 pixels per degree (PPD), better performance, a smaller size and lower latency. Boasting grainiless 5K and precise 6DoF positional tracking, the arpara AIO 5K will definitely provide you with an immersive VR experience. Whether you are a casual or an epic gamer, play by yourself or with friends, prefer wireless or wired streaming, the arpara AIO 5K is your first choice, no matter what.

Your High-end Entertainment Portal

Giant virtual screen for watching 3D movies

Personalized movie theatre with multiple virtual scenarios

5120*2560 5K Resolution (both eyes)
Silicon-based Micro-OLED Displays
3514 PPI
1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
90Hz Refresh Rate
90% DCI-P3 (127% sRGB) Color Gamut
Self-illuminating. True Black


arpara AIO 5K

3514 PPI, delivers crystal clear image quality

Around 700 PPI with screen door effect

127% sRGB (90% DCI-P3) color gamut displays a wider range of colors

Around 95%-100% sRGB color gamut, displaying a limited range of colors

Self-illuminating delivers purer black

LED backplane and color filter are required for light production which dilates black

1,000,000 color contrast, saturated color displays

1,000 color contrast, color displays lack realism and details

5- Lens Pancake Design

95° FOV

MTF0.4 or above in Eyebox

arpara AIO 5K

Folded optical path, the thickness of optical group ranges from 10 to 20 mm, which effectively eliminates distortion and chromatic aberration.

Linear optical path, the thickness of optical group ranges from 40 to 50 mm, easily accompanied with ghosting.

Smooth visuals with delicate details, no ghosting effect, minimized edge-to-edge glare.

Fresnel lens produce less concentrated images with low color contrast.


Personalized Pupil Distance and Diopter Adjustment

56-72mm pupil distance adjustment
-5D-1D diopter adjustment

Powerful Performance
with Precise Tracking

Ready! Get ready for smooth and low-latency 6DoF gaming experiences


Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform

Support 8K 360°video

A rate of 90fps allows high-definition rendering

Support 7concurrent cameras

Support 5G & WiFi-6

1.2GB/S data transmission


6DoF Positional Tracking

Independent 6DoF positional tracking algorithm allows you to show off skills in any game with low-latency, millimeter-level spatial positioning.

The 6DoF optical tracking controllers feature lower delay and a built-in vibration motor to create an ultra-realistic sense of presence.

  • Infrared optical tracking for advanced accurancy

  • Accurate positioning under ambient light changes

  • tracking sensors for improved positioning range and stability

  • Low tracking delay, the delay within 1.2 meters is less than 20ms

  • 230°*180° range of positioning angles

  • Millimeter-level prediction algorithm to improve positioning after high-speed motion and out-of-range


6DoF Positional Tracking

  • 6DoF Positional Tracking

  • Ground monitoring accuracy < 10mm

  • SLAM, access to real-time spatial data

  • Low positioning delay < 2ms

  • Positioning accuracy of 0.8mm


6DoF Tracking Controllers Feature Lower Latency

Delicate tactile feedback: 0-255 level high-definition vibration
High-precision synchronization: independent Bluetooth module, higher data bandwidth

Ergonomic Design

Compact Design On-to-go

Adopted a compact size - 1/2 the size of competing VR devices on the market.
With a weight 2/3 of its competitors, arpara AIO 5K allows you to move with ease in your VR world!

Design of Controllers

Grip Design

Comfort and non-slip, curved design,
weight fairly distributed

User-friendly Button Design

Smooth gaming experience

Low Power Consumption

Four AA batteries, 50-hour non-stop gaming
Vibration and haptic feedback create realistic
sense of presence, get immersed into the game

Ergonomics Design

To make it as comfortable as possible for players, arpara AIO 5K employs a unique 15°tilt strap and rear battery design to minimize pressure on the face and bridge of the nose.

Background Noise Reduction Design for Dual Mics

Effectively filtering out background acoustic noise, rendering clear voice calls during VRChat.

Directional Speakers

Equipped with dual-channel digital speakers to enrich the immersive experience, and plug-and play with 3.5mm headphones without disturbing others.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

The built-in active cooling fan keeps the temperature at an ideal level and prevents fogging to ensure better performance and longer playtime.
The heat is directed to fins through conduction cooling methods, and the cooling cycle carries out heat.

Soft and Breathable Mask

Fits most face shapes and promises an immersive and longer experience.

System and Application

arpara Store

arpara Store keeps you updated with 3DoF and 6DoF VR games, including genres of
multi-payer shooting, Parkour, nature and science.

arpara VR 助手

arpara VR Assistant

arpara VR Assistant is an essential App for arpara AIO 5K that helps you better and easily manage your headset, from where you can set up account and bluetooth pair, manage headsets and controllers, sync-up and download screenshots taken and videos recorded from arpara AIO 5K.

*support Android and iOS



arpara AIO 5K will support the open standard of Open XR later this year and will collaborate with SideQuest to provide VR games for users.

To better encourage more developers to participate in gaming development, in consequence providing more VR games for users, we will complete the integration with Open XR soon. More info will be updated on the website and across social media platforms.



arparaplayer is a VR player designed for arpara AIO 5K and developed by arpara Team.The player supports local and NAS (Network-attached storage) video playback and provides two viewing modes: home theatre and movie theatre.

Immersive 3D Viewing Environment

Users may choose home theatre and movie theatre to watch 2D and 3D content.

Enjoy HD Content 'wirelessly'

arparaplayer supports the following NAS protocols: SMB, FTP, SFTP and WEBDAV.


8K Support

arparaplayer supports UHD, 4K and 8K local and NAS video playback.


Supports Nearly All Formats

Video File:


Video Format:

2D, 3D Side by Side, 3D Top Bottom, VR 180°, VR 360°

Supports External Subtitle Files

Firefox Reality Browser

Firefox Reality is a part of the ecosystem of arpara AIO 5K
which supports VR sites meeting the standard of WebVR, such as YouTube VR.



arpStreaming is set of streaming App, downloaded on your PC and built-in in arpara AIO 5K.
Through arpStreaming, you get more fun via customized parameters according to different gaming scenarios, whether you are playing SteamVR wired or wirelessly.

Enjoy PCVR games on arpara AIO 5K

User-firendly UI

Easy to operate

VR Launcher/算法SDK支持

VR Launcher/Algorithm SDK

  • Multiple built-in scenarios

  • Hardware interaction design

  • 3/6DoF and SLAMSDK

  • OTA support

  • Algorithm

  • Dynamic rendering


Virtual Environment

Choose the virtual environment and get fully immersed in your VR world among our three built-in scenarios:
Cyberpunk, Snow House and Japanese Style.

See-through 绘制游戏边界

See-through Mode

See-through mode initiated by 4 concurrent cameras presenting your actual surroundings by switching to the front camera and ensuring safety when the player leaves the satefy area.

Product Overview

arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K
arpara AIO 5K

What's In the Box

arpara AIO 5K

arpara AIO 5K VR headset

arpara AIO 5K

arpara AIO 5K handles

arpara AIO 5K

USB Type-C 3.2 charging cable

arpara AIO 5K

AC adapter

arpara AIO 5K

User Guide

arpara AIO 5K

arpara AIO 5K carrying case

Note 1: Users need to purchase four 1.5V AA batteries

Note 2: A power adapter is provided for free

Note 3: A charging cable ( USB Type-C 3.2) is provided for free