Brand Story

The name “arpara” is derived from the English word “parallel”. Through developing advanced VR hardware and software, the arpara team aim to help everyone in this world to find his true inner self and be that person in the parallel universe called arparaland.

By combining the arpara VR hardware and arparaland virtual reality software, the arpara team hope to realize a deeply immersive and highly creative metavserse where users will frequently travel to. With this as the ultimate goal, the team brought the arpara VR headset to life in 2021. This next generation headset takes us all one step closer to the Promised Land.

arparaland developed by the arpara team is a virtual social platform where users can shape the virtual world, create virtual items, customize virtual avatars, engage in recreation and business activities. Ownership of digital assets in arparaland is recorded on regulated blockchains and stored digitally forever. Digital assets can be minted as NFTs for auctions.