DP1.4 Cable

High resolution. High speed. High performance

Designed for arpara VR

Works with arpara 5K VR Tethered headset. Supports DP1.4 high speed data transfer.

Play Steam VR games at 5K resolution with the arpara 5K VR headset.

3.5 meters cable length so you can find the best seat to watch VR movies.

arpara VR计算机数据线

Reliable high resolution performance

Supports DP 1.4 high speed data transfer. Works with arpara 5K VR Tethered headset for up to 5088 x 2544 maximum resolution

5K at 70Hz video signal output for next level VR gaming experience

Works with arpara VR Tethered headset

Enables immersive gameplay

To access 6DoF Steam VR games, simply connect the arpara 5K VR Tethered headset to the

computer using the cable and set up HTC Base Station 1.0/2.0 and controllers

Superior quality. Built to last

L-shape Type-C connector prevents damages to the cable when pulled by external forces.

This cable is built to survive extreme play sessions.