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arpara launches Kickstarter campaign for world’s first 5K dual Micro-OLED VR headset

arpara launches Kickstarter campaign for world’s first 5K dual Micro-OLED VR headset


Today, leading VR brand arpara launched a Kickstarter campaign for two new headsets called arpara Tethered 5K and arpara AIO 5K( All-In-One ). Both feature dual Micro-OLED displays that offer a visual experience beyond imagination when VR gaming, consuming multimedia, and more.
In contrast to the more commonly used AMOLED and LCD displays of competitors, arpara headsets feature dual 1.03-inch 2560 x 2560 resolution Micro-OLED displays, resulting in a combined viewing resolution of 5K. These ultra-clear visuals create a virtual screen equivalent to a 3000+ inch retina-level giant screen for Super IMAX 3D quality viewing. arparaTethered and AIO have a high aperture ratio of 3514 PPI that effectively removes the “screen door effect,” a 1μs response time, and offer 95° field-of-view (FOV). With a self-adjustable diopter (100° to -500°) and interpupillary distance design of 56 to 72mm, anyone can achieve focus and clarity.

Compatible with virtually many devices, arpara users may consume content via their smartphone and computers to access PCVR games and 4K 3D movies. Ultra-stable connectivity and versatility serve up a new world of premium entertainment. Cinematic sound is provided via dual channel directional audio for clear treble and powerful bass.
“In designing arpara Tethered and AIO, we wanted arpara users to be transported to an alternate universe in stunning detail, regardless of whether they’re maneuvering their way in PCVR games or enjoying multimedia on a virtual big screen,” said arpara CEO Fan Zhang. “We aim for total immersion and a silky smooth gaming experience and are confident that we have delivered.”
Weighing in at just 200g, one third of its competitors, arpara Tethered 5K is suitably compact and featherlight for long gaming and movie sessions. An 120Hz refresh rate eliminates the ghosting effect, taking the gaming experience to a new level. Additionally it is the first VR headset to employ a unique 15° upward sloping head strap that comfortably distributes weight towards the backside of the head, away from the user's face and nose.

For users seeking a wireless experience,  arpara AIO 5K takes the sleek, lightweight design of arpara Tethered and turns it into a standalone powerhouse. At 380g,arpara AIO 5K is still one of the most lightweight headsets on the market and is well suited for long sessions. This model is supported by a 90Hz refresh rate, has a 6500 mAh high capacity battery and Wi-Fi 6 capability. The incredible arpara visual experience is made possible by the built-in Qualcomm XR2 platform, capable of driving 4 concurrent cameras with 11 times AI processing power and support for up to 8K video.

arpara headsets can be combined with the brand’s virtual reality software, called arparaland, which is a creative metaverse and virtual social platform where users will shape their virtual world, create virtual items, customize virtual avatars, and engage in recreation & business activities. Ownership of digital assets in arparaland is recorded on regulated blockchains and stored digitally forever. Digital assets can be minted as NFTs for auctions.
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