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arpara Elite Strap
Comfortable to wear By incorporating modern design aesthetics, the arpara Elite Strap has an upward slope of 15 degrees, evenly distributing the VR headset's weight between the face and the nose wing. The part that supports the back of the head is soft and comfortable, thanks to the memory foam wrapped with PU.
High-quality materials Designed for the arpara VR headset, the arpara Elite Strap is made using high-quality polypropylene (PP), which is light, tough, durable, as well as impact resistant. The Elite Strap is less likely to crack, giving it a significantly longer service life.
Easy to adjust The sidebar length can be easily adjusted by rotating it clockwise to ensure a snug fit for an enhanced immersive experience. Both adults and children can enjoy VR video and games comfortably.
Light and portable The arpara Elite Strap is easy to install and remove, and perfectly fits the arpara Tethered 5K Storage Bag as well as most other pouches on the market.
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