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Industry Solutions
Use the arpara VR headset with a compute device for 5K immersive in-car entertainment. Say goodbye to tiny screens that induces motion sickness.
VR headset + touch screen device
Connect a touchpad to a VR headset. Use the touchpad or a controller to control for a natural VR experience.
2 VR headsets + compute device
Connect two VR headsets to a compute device and a controller. Play the same media content onto the two VR headsets for two users for a shared and natural VR experience.
Virtual active e-sports
Use the low latency and high performance SDK developed by the arpara team to create high end inclusive VR sports platform. Deploy high performance compute device with arpara high resolution headset to provide users with various kinds of VR activities, including training, competition and social, in a limited space. This can result in high user retention rate and word of mouth viral marketing impact. Create an ecosystem with 3 business models of work out, lifestyle and VR system. Build the branding of the ecosystem and increase user base.
One square meter cinema
Take the current movie theater for the public to the next level and create a mini movie theater that is both private and immersive. Combine comfortable seating with immersive visuals and sound effects to offer superior movie experience. Suitable for homes, hotels and movie theaters.
VR introduces better visuals to education. Through an improved education system, students can better enjoy the learning experience. Combine with endless STEM contents and other course materials, take classroom learning into the virtual world, whether it is geology or chemistry. Education should be enjoyable and exciting. VR makes learning fun.
VR can assist minimally invasive surgery where devices such as 3D cameras are inserted into a patient as part of the procedure. A surgeon can wear a VR headset that displays the high resolution 3D video steam recorded from the camera to better operate the robotic arms for precision surgery.
VR+remote collaboration
Workspaces can be reconstructed on a virtual platform to allow for remote collaboration by multiple participants in different regions of the world. The platform can be hosted in the cloud or on a local machine to provide peer-to-peer encrypted transmission of shared data. Intuitive controls and UI can be implemented, and CAD and other 3D modeling files can be imported. Presentations, videos and documents can be shared. A virtual white board can be used by multiple participants at a time to facilitate presentation and collaboration.
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