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arpara just gained Low Blue Light Certification!

arpara just gained Low Blue Light Certification!


We just started off the new year with absolutely great NEWS!

arpara just gained low blue light content that satisfies TÜV Rheinland's test criteria for arpara VR headsets.

What is blue light?

With the increasing popularity of digital products, people spend a lot of time every day looking at all kinds of display screens, which emit blue light. Long exposure to the high-intensity blue light is potentially hazardous to the eye, will not only bring visual fatigue but also may cause eye diseases, such as retinal inflammation, color recognition ability decline, etc. (Source from Harvard Health Blog)

Now, arpara is tested with eye comfort certification, which means, the display of arpara VR headset has reduced blue light and is flicker-free to protect eyes and preserve user vision and allow the user to change body position without compromising visual image quality.
arpara is always designed with your eyes in mind, and you can enjoy VR with fewer worries about eye discomfort.

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