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arpara Tracker
png 28 Triad spectroscopy sensors
png Compatible with common controllers
png Compatible with Steam VR
Precise Tracking
28 Triad optical sensors built in the arpara Tracker can scan the surrounding environment and instantly calculate the orientation and positioning of the head, providing gamers with a fast, stable, and precise tracking experience.
Highly Compatible
arpara Tracker can work together Steam VR Base Station 1.0 (up to 2) and Base Station 2.0 (up to 4). For controllers, arpara Tracker is compatible with HTC VIVE and Valve Index.
Together with the arpara tracker, nothing can stop Tethered from taking you to a new VR experience with unmatched 6 DoF levels.
Lightweight and Comfortable
Ever found cables and cores on your VR headsets inconvenient? The arpara Tracker lid will solve your problems! Just flip over the lid to hide all your connecting cables and cores, and enjoy the 5K, 70 Hz VR experience hassle-free! Besides, with only 75g weight, feel free to game in ulitmate comfort!
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