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arparaland is a new VR social platform that offers users a high degree of creative freedom. Let your imaginations run wild in our collaboration-driven metaverse. Build your dreams in the world of VR!

Fully customize your avatar, hang out, watch movies and play games with friends from all around the world. Here you can shape the virtual world as you see fit and be anyone you want to be. Invite your friends to arparaland and start your new journey in the digital world.


Get your friends together to watch movies, play games, join talk shows, go to concerts, and even meet your favorite virtual celebrities.


arparaland offers powerful avatar customization tools to fine-tune your body build and appearance. Choose your outfit or create from scratch, and step into your new life!


arpara’s creation toolbox Create houses, plants, rivers, and even manipulate the weather with a swing of your controller.


Your workspace can be virtually projected into arparaland. Conduct virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and crush your workload in an immersive office space.

Role Play

Select a murder mystery game from the arparaland library. Assume your role in the story and work with your friends to find out who the murderer is.

Tabletop Games

Traditional tabletop games are reimagined in VR. Infused with social features, these games are more fun than ever.

Theme Parks

VR theme parks are built for the biggest brands in the world, offering fans new ways to experience and interact with their favorite companies and products.

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