Dual Micro-OLED 5K

arpara 分辨率



arpara 像素



arpara 对比度

Color Contrast


arpara 开口率

Aperture Ratio


arpara PPD



arpara 色域

Color Gamut


Pancake Optical Solution

Folded optical path, the thickness of optical group ranges from 10 to 20 mm, which effectively eliminates distortion and chromatic aberration.


Self-illuminating Design
True Black with Rich Details

Self-illuminating design delivers purer black


Color Gamut
127% sRGB (90% DCI-P3)

Displays a wider range of colors

arpara 无边界


5K Clarity with Great Details

Equipped with pancake optical design, the arpara Tethered 5K can achieve 95 degrees of light
path amplification in such a small size, to achieve a compact structure of large viewing angle
and let you see things more naturally and comfortably.

arpara 120HZ arpara 60HZ

Refresh Rate Up to 120 Hz

*Refresh rate up to 120Hz at 1080 PPI

Compact Design


Without Soc or built-in battery,
the weight of arpara Tethered 5K is 200g,
and its size is only half of
prevailing VR headsets.

arpara 体积小 重量轻
arpara 体积小 重量轻

Counterbalance Design

Behind the modern and aesthetic design,
arpara Tethered 5K employs a unique 15° upward
sloping head strap (halo) that comfortably distributes
weight towards the backside of the head
away from your face and nose.

Fine-tune Caliberation

Customize Your VR Headset

Adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) of 56-72mm

Adjustable diopter of -500°-100°

arpara 头显
arpara 头显

Directional Audio

Dual-channel directional audio of unprecedented quality without plugging in headphones

The sound is natural and clear.

Connecting to PC

Play 3DoF SteamVR games and watch 180° and 360° videos after connecting arpara Tethered 5K to PC.

Connecting to Phones and Pads

Watch 2D and 3D videos after connecting arpara Tethered 5K to phones and enjoy on-the-go movie experiences.

arpara 产品说明1

Product Overview

arpara 产品说明2

Wearing Method

arpara 佩戴方式
arpara 产品尺寸

Product Dimensions