Dual Micro-OLED

5K ultra crisp displays

arpara Resolution



arpara 像素

Pixel density


arpara ratio

Contrast ratio


arpara Color gamut

Color gamut


arpara Borderless


Retina visual experience

95° FOV. Extensively displayed. Extremely detailed. Elevated immersion

arpara 120HZ arpara 60HZ

Maximum 120Hz refresh rate



No built-in SOC. No batteries. Half the size of comparable headsets. Weights only 200 grams

arpara Compact & Light.
arpara Compact & Light.



arpara VR headset deploys a sturdy headband to evenly redistribute the headset weight, allowing for longer play sessions

Precise customization

Personalize your own VR headset

IPD is adjustable between 56-72mm

Diopter is adjustable from 1D to -5D

arpara Tethered
arpara Tethered

Directional audio

Sophisticated soundstage

Dual-channel directional audio

projecting crisp and natural sound to the player

Access thousands of VR games

Connect the arpara VR headset to a PC. Set up 6DoF position tracking kit

Play all the games in the Steam VR library in 5K

arpara VR games
arpara recommended classic games

Recommended classic games

Red Matter 红色物质

Red Matter

Set in a spectacularly crafted dystopian Sci-Fi cold war

Take on the role of an agent to investigate

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx

A masterpiece by Valve released in March 2020

It is considered by many to be the best VR game

Beat Saber

Beat Saber

An exceptional rhythm game

that showcases the possibilities of VR

Drummer Talent

Drummer Talent

A drumming simulator VR music game

Players use their VR controllers to play

on a full virtual drum kit



A first person shooter game that blurs the lines between

cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem



An action game about a giant robot smashing cities using unique weapons or bare hands

VR mobile theater

Use a mirrocast or a USB Type-C cable to connect the arpara VR headset to a smartphone

Play movies in VR on the go

arpara VR theater.

arpara VR theater

arparahome Smartphone app

NAS enabled. Play 2D, 3D and VR movies without files download. Instantly stream high resolution movies

Connect to PC

Connect to a PC via a USB Type-C cable to enable 3DoF VR experience. Watch 360° and 180° VR videos and play AAA Steam VR games

*For computers without a Type-C port, use a HDMI video interconnecting device

Connect to Smartphone/Tablet

Connect to a smartphone or tablet via a USB Type-C cable to play 3DoF VR games and watch 2D/D videos in 5K

*Select phone and tablet models will require the use of mirrocast video signal converter

arpara Product overview.

Product overview

arpara Product overview.
arpara Headset configuration.

Headset configuration

arpara 产品尺寸

Product Dimensions