arpara VR Headset

  • What are the hardware specifications of the headset?
    Dual 1.03-inch Micro-OLED panels. 2560 x 2560 pixels per eye (5120 x 2560 combined) PPI:3514 Refresh rate: 120Hz Contrast ratio:1000000:1 Color gamut:DCI-P3 90% sRGB 127% Weight:200g Diopter adjustment:1D~-5D PPD:32 IPD:56mm–72mm Connections: 1x USB Type-C ports. 1x 3.5mm headphone jack. 1x Micro USB port. 2x directional audio Physical dimensions:164×55×250mm
  • How many ways are there to put on the headset?
    Two ways. One is to use a hard headband, and the other is to use a soft head strap
  • What is the FOV of the headset?
    The FOV is around 95°.
  • Can people with myopia use the headset?
    The headset has diopter adjustment for both nearsighted and farsighted users. Diopter is adjustable between 1D to -5D.
  • Does the headset support a range of IPD?
    Yes. The arpara VR headset supports an IPD range of 56mm to 72mm.
  • Does the headset require external power source?
    The arpara VR headset does not have an internal battery. It uses the power supplied by the device it is connected to.
  • Can the headset connect to an external headphone?
    The headset supports all headphones with 3.5mm TS connectors or meet the American Headset Jack standard (the CTIA standard with LRGM pinout order). Additional headset inputs are not supported. Compatibility with Bluetooth headset varies, depends on the specific model used.
  • Does the headset have a microphone?
    Yes. The headset has a microphone.
  • Does the headset have speakers? If so, what kind of speakers are they?
    The headset has dual channel directional audio speakers. Audio waves are directed at users ears for crisp and clear sounds.
  • How many color options are available for the headset?
    Currently the arpara VR headset only comes in white color.
  • Is the display brightness adjustable?
    Yes. To adjust display brightness, hold down the 3D button, and press the volume adjustment located at the bottom side of the headset.
  • Does the headset support switching between 2D and 3D modes?
    Yes. The 2D/3D button for switching modes is located at the lower left corner (next to the microphone) of the headset.
  • Does the headset support switching video resolution?
    Yes. The button for switching video resolution is located at the lower left corner (next to the Type-C port) of the headset.
  • What can the video resolution button do?
    The button toggles between prioritizing refresh rate and resolution. It can display the highest resolution possible at the maximum 120Hz refresh rate, or display 5K at the highest refresh rate possible.
  • What is the equivalent TV screen size when using the headset to watch movies?
    The equivalent screen size is a 3000+ inch massive retina display.
  • What are the video types supported by the headset?
    The headset supports 2D, 3D and 360° videos.
  • Does the headset support Steam VR gaming?
    Yes. Additional nolo kit is required.
  • How many degrees of freedom (DoF) does the headset support?
    The headset itself can support 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF). Combined with a nolo kit, the system can support 6DoF.