arpara Elite Mask

arpara头显收纳包 arpara头显收纳包

New Design
Advanced Experience

New Ergonomics Design with softer and bigger surface

Comfortable to Wear

The arpara Elite Mask increases the force-bearing surface,
which effectively reduces the pressure on the face when wearing the VR headset,
and improves the comfort and immersive experience.

Hybrid Material of High-quality

The main part of arpara Elite Mask is made of soft and hard materials.
The hard material part has good support to ensure stable wearing;
while the high elastic soft material fits different face shapes and
provides total blackout for a totally immersive experience.

Light and Breathable

The overall design of arpara Elite Mask is light and pressure-free.
There are ventilation holes on the side to prevent problems such as being too stuffy and fogging when wearing it,
ensuring the headset is kept fresh for a long time.


Color: Black
Dimension: 152*98*73mm