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''The arpara PCVR headset and their all-in-one VR headset feature dual 2560 x 2560-pixel micro-OLED displays with a 95° FoV.  In the Arparaland metaverse, expected to open in August, users can create virtual items with ownership recorded on the blockchain, to be minted as NFTs for sale at virtual auctions.''


''In contrast to LCD and AMOLED, the micro-OLED display has a jaw-dropping 3514 PPI which translates to 5 to 6 times more visual details.''


Those looking for viable alternatives to the Oculus Quest 2 don’t have a lot to choose from and most standalone headsets from the likes of HTC Vive or Pico Interactive tend to be focused on enterprise use cases. However, Chinese hardware maker arpara might just fill that void, revealing an all-in-one headset (AIO) and a tethered one, alongside its own social platform arparaland.

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''These micro-OLED displays feature a 3514 PPI, meaning no more pesky “screen door effect''.

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''arparaland, developed by the arpara team, is a virtual social platform where users can shape the virtual world, create virtual items, customize virtual avatars, engage in recreation and business activities.''