arpara 行业应用


arpara VR headset with a computing device delivers 5K immersive in-car entertainment. Say goodbye to tiny screens that induces motion sickness.

VR headset + touch screen device

Connect a touchpad to a VR headset. Use the touchpad or a controller paired with a VR headset to navigate natural VR experience.

2 VR headsets + computing device

Connect two VR headsets to a computing device and a controller. Play the same media content for two VR headsets simultaneously for a shared and smooth VR experience.


Other industries

VR+sports   VR+media   VR+education   VR+medical   VR+remote collaboration

Virtual active e-sports

The low-latency and high performance SDK developed by arpara team creates a high-end VR sports platform. Deploying a high-performance computing device with a high-resolution arpara VR headset to provide users with diverse VR activities, including training, competition and social in a limited space, which results in high user retention rate and word-of-mouth viral marketing impact. In addition, creating an ecosystem with 3 business models of workout, lifestyle and VR systems to build the brand and increase user base.

VR + 体育
VR + 影视

One square meter cinema

Taking the current movie theater experience to the next level and creating a mini movie theater that is both private and immersive. Combining comfortable seating with immersive visuals and sound effects to offer superior movie experience. Suitable for homes, hotels and movie theaters.


Virtual reality visualizes the conventional way of education, which facilitates a more enjoyable way to learn and experience. Combining STEM contents with virtual labs, the learning experience is fun and more productive.

VR + 教育
VR + 医疗


In minimally invasive surgery, surgeons need to insert equipment into the patient's body through a small wound, including a 3D camera. Surgeons watch high-resolution 3D video images with VR headsets to manipulate the robotic arm and perform precise surgery in real time.

VR+remote collaboration

Multiple VR devices are connected through enterprise space simulation and collaboration platforms. The platform can be deployed on the cloud or locally to achieve secure end-to-end encryption and instant content sharing, using an intuitive UI interface; CAD and 3D models can be imported, and slides, videos and documents can be shared and presented; Multiple users are free to write on the virtual whiteboard or conduct model demonstrations and collaborative design.

VR + 协作平台