Smart travel and Metaverse

Virtual entertainment presented in the back row, combining with visual, auditory, tactile and the experience extension of other multi-sensory.



New Vision created by VR for back-row entertainment

Virtual entertainment presented in the back row creates an in-car virtual theatre which is comparable with IMAX. Users may also conduct virtual meetings in the car. Your ride comes with more fun and work becomes more productive.

Virtual theatre

The virtual giant screen combined with an in-car stereo system, transforming the car into a movie theatre, family theatre, outer space and other virtual scenarios.

Virtual arena

Put the headset on and get immersed in 'Fast and Furious' in a snap of figure.

Virtual meeting

The car transitions to your mobile office where you may conduct virtual meetings smoothly.



Industry application of Metaverse in smart travelling

VR headsets and solutions can be applied for smart manufacturing and marketing in addition to providing entertainment for end users.

Design and manfacuture

By providing all-in-one VR Software Service for factories, the R&D Team utilizes Unreal and modeling software to build models in a virtual environment, discuss and make adjustments more flexible with engineers all over the world.

Sales and marekting

Providing customized services for consumers and stimulating real-time car-purchasing experiences by offering multiple tailored options, such as interior design, color of the car or wheel pattern.


Remotely control cars by VR technology, which guarantees a safer automatic driving experience.


Our Service

arpara is one of the first enterprises providing industry applications of Metaverse in smart travelling. XRTurbo, a smart car VR platform which is built by smart cars+VR headsets+VR ecosystems, thrives to create diversified content.
Virtual scenes and digital avatars derived from "Metaverse" upgrade digital services for car factories.

Customized VR headsets

By co-branding with car factories, arpara provides customized, user-friendly and interactive VR headsets. arpara has accumulated experience from product positioning, industrial design to mass production. The team has experience of full life cycle product development, management and manufacturing.


Exclusive software platform

arpara Team has full-stack development capabilities to carry out an all-in-one software management system including customized VR Launcher, dynamic balance perception system, SLAM algorithm, open SDK and 5G cloud VR content platform.

System applications

Media player offers multiple VR scenarios, games based on navigation and virtual tools for remote collaboration, providing immersive and on-the-go VR solutions for smart travelling.


Industry Solutions