arpara Position tracker

Position tracker

arpara Pixel density

28 Triad optical sensors

arpara Pixel density

Works with multiple controller models

arpara Contrast ratio

Steam VR compatible

arpara Color gamut

Clips on from top and bottom

Precise positioning

28 Triad optical sensors scan the surrounding environment to instantly calculate the orientation and positioning of the head,

achieving millimeter accuracy level.

Enjoy Steam VR games

Works with Steam VR Base Station 1.0 and 2.0 for precision 6DoF. Play all the AAA Steam VR games

Supports up to 4 Steam VR Base Station 2.0 and up to 2 Steam VR Base Station 1.0

Supports HTC Vive Controllers and Valve Index Controllers

Supports 2.4GHz WiFi connection for seamless control feedback and experience

Elegant clip on design

Connects to the headset via USB Type-C connector

Clips securely onto the headset from top and bottom for precision position tracking during gameplay